MSP attended the POSCON Meeting in Prague

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Keeping our users safe while online is our number one priority. Thus, we spare no effort into keeping up to date with the latest information regarding online safety and the production of positive content for children. We therefore maintain a permanent line of discussion with other producers of positive content, NGOs and Governmental representatives.

Vernon Jones, MovieStarPlanet’s Head of Safety, has recently attended the POSCON (Positive Content and Services for Children in Europe) meeting in Prague. This is a project sponsored by the EU Safer Internet Program and it brings together producers of content, NGOs and Governmental representatives in Europe. The 4th edition of POSCON has focused on:

  • Business models for producing positive content (as well as positive content for children with special needs)
  • Review of positive content services in member states
  • Complete and review the book on Positive Content to be launched in Brussels at EU Safer Internet Forum in November
  • Discussion about availability of gateways / portals (such as FragFinn in Germany) giving parents access to sites that have been assessed as offering positive content

MPS believes in a world where children have a right to access educational, professionally produced and entertaining content. Therefore, we will strive to bring these topics as high as possible on the online safety agenda. We will also continue to maintain and constantly improve the quality of our content and safety of our users online.