Keeping our users safe while online is our number one priority. We implement state of the art world filtering systems that meet international safety standards, have live moderators in every country 24 hours a day and continuously educate ourselves on safety best practices.


Meet our Head of Safety

Vernon Jones is the Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet and his role is to safeguard children against all forms of inappropriate conduct and keep the online community as safe as possible. Vernon works alongside a dedicated team of Community Managers and moderators, who are there to support and protect the children and take care of any unwanted behaviour.

As a registered social worker, Vernon has worked extensively on child protection and safeguarding issues with local authorities in a host of different countries. He has also been involved in developing online child safety measures as part of an online child protection team at Save the Children Denmark.



5 Pillars of Safety


Our Number 1 Priority

We work hard to keep our users safe

Safety is important

At MovieStarPlanet, we are dedicated to keeping the website safe, fun and clean for everyone. We use state-of-the-art technology as well as real people to moderate the site. Our moderators and supporters have an in-depth understanding of the language and culture of the country they handle. They monitor the site and review all reports made by users – and respond and react when necessary. In addition to real people, we use an automated surveillance system. Continue reading to find out more about how MovieStarPlanet keeps users safe.


How we keep MovieStarPlanet safe

MovieStarPlanet provides a safe framework – we monitor the site, and we encourage all users to report inappropriate behaviour, offensive language, and abusive or unsuitable content. We provide users with a Safety Information area in the community, which informs users about the live moderators monitoring the site and the basic safety rules to help them help themselves. The vast majority of users do in fact play by the rules and are kind to each other; this is why MovieStarPlanet is a fun and safe place to be.

All moderators are trained in Internet safety for our target group (children aged between 8 and 15 years). They work on the site every day and know what is going on among the users. If a new trend or usage appears, steps are immediately taken to address the issue, and if no known solution exist, we create one.

At MovieStarPlanet, we do not compromise when it comes to safety and that is why there are a number of ways we can be alerted to inappropriate and/or undesirable behaviour, through:

  • A user generated report
  • The live moderation of forums
  • Active content searches by moderators
  • An email from a user or parent/guardian
  • The use of “Alert Words” or words on the “Blocked Word List” in forums or chat rooms
  • Our list of flagged computer IP addresses


CRISP Thinking

MovieStarPlanet uses CRISP Thinking (CRISP Community Management Software System) as part of our online moderation, word filtering and child safeguarding procedures. CRISP is a comprehensive set of chat filtering tools, comprising of both Blocked List (inappropriate/banned words) and adaptive Appropriate Lists (approved words) that control and detect the use of inappropriate language throughout the MovieStarPlanet site. This includes the monitoring of all chat rooms, forums and movies created by users. CRISP offers a more comprehensive and strict word filtering system and is used in conjunction with MovieStarPlanet’s live moderation to detect and deal with inappropriate language and behavior.

CRISP Thinking is the international leader in internet word filtering technology.

It is important to all of us

At MovieStarPlanet, we work hard to make the site fun and creative, but we work even harder to make it safe. Every single day, moderation is carried out on MovieStarPlanet.

With sites in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, the organisational structure of MovieStarPlanet is important. Each country has a Community Manager, who is responsible for coordinating the work on the site and incorporating and improving local issues.

Each country website also has a Support team to assist users and parents, who might have specific questions or who need further assistance with issues such as payment or technical difficulties. All supporters are fluent in English as well as the local language.

In addition, each domain has a team of moderators, who are native speakers. The moderators deal with reports, do random as well as systematic checks of forums and chat rooms and monitor the site and the interaction on MovieStarPlanet.


Want to know more about safety and children online?


Safety Features on MSP

Memberships and Endorsements

We cannot do it alone, that's why we work with industry leaders


It is important that MovieStarPlanet has professional contact with other stakeholders who are involved in child safeguarding within the online child protection context. There is a responsibility for MovieStarPlanet to act on any child protection concerns through direct contact with the appropriate police department or other statutory Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) in all countries where we operate.

MovieStarPlanet has also established valuable third party relationships and endorsement with many Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) who are leaders in online child protection.






Certified as meeting the Children’s Online Privacy
Protection Act (COPPA) legislation by TRUSTe




Associate Membership of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety

Positive Online Content, European Membership

Positive Online Content, European Membership



fsm membership

German NGO responsible for the protection of children on the internet







Member of Europol Platform for Experts



Third Party Endorsements and Cooperation



Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre – UK

Copy of childnet-logo 2153 X 717 2

Childnet International – UK

SWGfL Safe Int Cnet no arrow stage 3 figure 02

UK Safer Internet Centre




The Canadian Centre for Child Protection – Providing Internet Safety Resources

zm_logo (2)

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection – “Kids in the Know” Initiative


Internet Safety Organisation – The Netherlands



baner100x200 PCP.indd

Children’s Helpline – Poland

NetEcoute_complet_base 2012

Organisation for the protection of minors on the internet – France


Cybernet is an education program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – Australian Government initiative



Online service provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to answer questions about Internet Safety, computers and the Web.


French anonymous NGO helpline for troubled children and teenagers.