MSP survived the Zombierun

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We don’t need an excuse to run in a marathon or a race. However, when there’s a horde of zombies chasing after us, you can bet we’ll put as much distance, as fast as possible between the walking dead and us. Luckily that’s just a Hollywood scenario for now, but we did train for it this weekend at the annual Zombierun in the Vallensbæk Mose park in Copenhagen.

The Zombierun is a great ocassion for a 5 km long run, demanding not only fitness, but also creativity and wits to evade the hungry zombies. The rules are simple: You can enter as a runner or zombie. Each runner has 3 lives that the zombie tries to take. For each life lost you have to run an extra short detour. Watch the video below to get more gritty details:

MSP sent both survivors and zombies to the race and, as always, it all ended with loads of fun!