MovieStarPlanet shows strong financial results and has high ambitions for 2021

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As 2020 is coming to an end, MovieStarPlanet celebrates several achievements and has high expectations for 2021 and the years to come.

Developing Nebula has required big investments and hard work over the past 3,5 years to reach the goal to produce many new games faster and cheaper in the future.

The first Nebula-based game saw daylight in 2020 with the soft launch of MovieStarPlanet2. It quickly became clear that all the hard work and investment in Nebula is really starting to pay off, says Founder & CEO Claus Lykke Jensen. The transition of BlockStarPlanet to Nebula was therefore also set in motion and is progressing as planned. MovieStarPlanet will hard launch both games in 2021. 

But the ambitions for MovieStarPlanet does not stop here. The plan is to start developing at least one new game in 2021 and thereafter several new games every year. That is why we are in the process of looking for investors. We are not only considering having one big investor but we are also considering listing MovieStarPlanet on the stock exchange to give many investors the opportunity to join our exciting journey, says Claus Lykke Jensen. No decision has been made, and MovieStarPlanet is keeping all options open.

Starting the production of new games, expanding with new investors, and initiating marketing of MovieStarPlanet2 and BlockStarPlanet once they have matured, calls for a very exciting 2021 for MovieStarPlanet. 

You can read more about Claus Lykke Jensens ambitions for MovieStarPlanet in this article: