100 Million Movie Stars on MovieStarPlanet

News, Press release

The online global sensation for tweens reaches major milestone for user created avatars.

MovieStarPlanet, one of the world’s fastest growing social networking sites for tweens, announced today that 100 million movie star avatars have been created. In a universe where social networking is designed to be creative, MovieStarPlanet has seen explosive growth since its launch in 2009. To celebrate this amazing achievement, MovieStarPlanet is giving users in each of the 15 countries of operation, the opportunity to win a free year’s VIP membership for them and a chosen friend. This promotion will reach over 50 million tweens who visit MovieStarPlanet every month on the web or via the MovieStarPlanet app.

“MovieStarPlanet has been so successful because we listen to our user’s wants and needs. Creativity and being able to express hidden talents is a huge part of MovieStarPlanet’s ethos. We provide a platform where users can be truly unique,” said Claus Lykke Jensen, CEO of MovieStarPlanet. “We recognize that tweens have a desire to be expressive and individualistic and the combination of social networking and creative content features means we provide a site that is a great place to learn and have fun.”

“This is an amazing achievement and important landmark for MovieStarPlanet” added Claus Lykke Jensen“Attracting 100 million users in only four years is testament to both company employees and our users for the fantastic content and game-play features created every day.”

“The gaming industry is inherently fast paced and when you produce a product aimed at tech savvy tweens you can never be complacent. MovieStarPlanet has lots of exciting plans for the future, both in-game and with our licensing partners who are producing great MovieStarPlanet products.”

MovieStarPlanet’s success has also moved into the physical world. The MovieStarPlanet magazine produced by our partner Egmont is hugely popular in the Nordic Region, offering movie stars exclusive in-game items and tips and tricks on how to be creative and rise to stardom in-game. The magazine was recently launched in the United Kingdom, marking its expansion into the English speaking market.

The beginning of 2013 also saw MovieStarPlanet’s first clothing range, produced by Fipotex and sold in Name It stores in Denmark. Innovative cross marketing between MovieStarPlanet and Fipotex meant that an in-store purchase could be redeemed online giving the movie star avatar a virtual copy of the clothing item. This awesome new cross marketing feature is the first of its kind for an online game.

MovieStarPlanet was originally launched in Denmark and has since expanded to 15 countries and can be played in 10 different languages. The game is free to play both online and through the mobile app so players never miss out on the action in Movie Town. Attracted by a world of fame, fortune and friends, everyone can be a star on MovieStarPlanet.



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