People behind MSP: Caspar


This time we get to know Caspar, who is the Chief Technical Officer of MovieStarPlanet.

Hi Caspar! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
“My name is Caspar Strandbygaard and I’m the CTO of MovieStarPlanet. I have been working in the games industry for more than 12 years, with various roles ranging from programmer and lead programmer over middle-management to executive management.

Besides from the daily CTO responsibility one of my key areas is the change client-side technology from Flash to Unity throughout the company, which will enable us to deliver products of higher quality must faster than we do today, and hopefully also many new products which we have yet to explore.“

How would you describe yourself as a colleague?
“I see myself as very open-minded and can generally be convinced by good arguments, if it also makes sense from a business perspective. Since I’ve had many different roles in my career I believe that I can see things from a broader perspective than most, and especially seeing the business perspective is something I’ve learnt the hard way.

I’m very result-driven and love to work with a fast velocity, but I also want to build things the right way to ensure we don’t create stuff that will hurt us later. The balance between “time-to-market” and “building things the right way” is something I’m ready to fight for!”

You started here quite recently. How is it to be a new employee at MSP?
“The HR and IT processes works very smoothly compared to many other companies in the games industry, which for me is proof of a mature organisation. It’s also been overwhelming trying to learn the many names and faces of my new colleagues, not to mention getting 7 years of experience handed over from Peer, as one would expect.

I’m full of energy and excited to continue the many great initiatives that’s already rolling and change the things that’s not yet as smooth as they could be.”

What would you want to say to the players of our games?
“You’re they reason we’re all here. Period. We absolutely love to see you having fun interacting with our games and each other, and we love to see the extent of creativity with which you express yourself in our games.

We’re working hard to push the limit of our games and to deliver the features you are requesting, and I can’t wait to see how you will react to some of the new stuff being released both short-term and long-term.”

Thank you Caspar for having the time to chat with us!