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for the tween digital sphere


In order to keep up to date with the users’ latest wishes, needs and the latest developments in the world around them, each week MovieStarPlanet creates a new weekly theme.

Why have weekly themes?

The themes are designed to introduce users to different cultures around the world as well as different sub-cultures within society. They reflect contemporary trends in both fashion and beauty and are in tandem with the tween world tastes and popular culture. They also ensure that there is always something new to explore each week, keeping the game fun and interesting.

What do users learn?

What is fantastic about the themes is that users can learn that they can be whoever they want to be and that they have the right to express themselves through their hair, makeup and clothing.  Moreover, they also learn that they don’t have to conform to any particular subset of society and can change styles as frequently as they like. 

What goes into the making of a weekly theme?

A huge amount of effort on the part of graphic designers goes into the making of each week’s theme, from the concept stage to its full execution. Each theme not only features a different background for the whole game, but also various outfits, hair styles, make up, animations, backgrounds and items for the users’ rooms.MSP_FB_ThemeImage_GlitterGrunge

To show the huge amount of inspirational pictures from fashion and beauty that inspire the making of each theme, we have create a Pinterest board for all of the recent themes, such as Glitter Grunge, Punk Royale and Astrolicious. The boards include fashion and beauty inspiration shots relevant to each week’s theme.

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