MovieStarPlanet runder 100 mio. bruger

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Jesper Krogh Kristiansen

Movie Star Planet has turned a corner: More than 100 million.user profiles have been set up in the game, so that it continues to have impressive growing pains. Since its modest beginnings in 2008, when the game actually was originally developed as a tool for teaching English, there has been quite a bit. Especially in the last few months have really taken off with launches in the growing number of new countries and new languages. Movie Star Planet is now available in 15 different countries in ten different languages.


It’s certainly not quite as sexy to develop browser games to a tween audience, as it is to screw full-fat AAA games together. But if you look at the exampleHitman , which has sold something like 35 million.copies throughout the show’s life, so it is still only a third of the number of created profiles on Movie Star Planet .

Movie Star Planet ‘s CEO and founder, Claus Lykke Jensen, myself believe that success is because the game hits the right precisely in relation to the needs of its target group. “We recognize that tweens have a desire to express themselves and be individualistic. And the combination of social interaction and creative content means that we can offer a page that is a really good place to learn and have fun.”

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The game’s success is even so great that it also has begun to manifest itself in the physical world. Since February this year, Egmont started publishing a Movie Star Planet -blade fixed after a specimen was “flying off the shelves at record speed  . And last there is an agreement with the textile company Fipotex to produce a series of boys and girls clothes, which takes its inspiration from the game’s universe.

Along with Sybos Subway Surfers are MovieStarPlanetone of the last years of the greatest Danish game successes. Both games are examples of Danish game successes may no longer found only in traditional business models with games in box or to download, but also can make the local jurisdiction as browser services or apps.


A selection of the new clothing range which MovieStarPlanet now also behind.

A selection of the new clothing range which MovieStarPlanet now also behind.


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