Halloween at MovieStarPlanet

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Ghosts and goblins, Spooks galore, Scary Witches at your door. Jack-O-Lanterns Smiling Bright, MovieStarPlanet wishes you a Happy Haunting Night!

Here at MovieStarPlanet we love Halloween. That shows both online and offline.  We got into the Halloween spirit through our weekly theme and Halloween event, which made sure that our fans had plenty of Halloween fun on the site.

As usual, we wanted to  create something unique to our users, so everyone who completed the Halloween event on MovieStarPlanet, was rewarded with this scary cool Bonster:


The Halloween theme was completed with our traditional Halloween office party. MovieStarPlanet team and our loved ones dressed up in wonderful costumes that made the evening even more special. The creativity of the costumes also showed how awesome and talented people we have working here!

Looking forward to the party next year!

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