MovieStarPlanet goes to Barcelona – this year’s company adventure

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We are from the North and don’t mind the occasional dark and cold days, as long as we can also bask in the sun every now and again. Hey, even Vikings need their Vitamin D, right? This is the story of this year’s company trip which has taken us to the warm beaches and blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Because our team has put a great deal of effort into making MovieStarPlanet the best social network for kids and tweens, it has been decided that Barcelona would be the best place for us to recharge our solar dependent batteries this year. As a very welcomed reward, our company trip this year has taken us on a Spanish adventure where we had loads of fun – the kind that all Movie Stars should have!

It’s not the first time we all travel together to Spain for our yearly company holiday! We’ve been to Palma de Mallorca in 2013, but this year our bigger team needed to explore and conquer new places!

Since our trip needed a story line, we focused on bringing the MovieStarPlanet digital world into the real world, and therefore planned activities with the purpose of having fun, being creative, working together, interacting with the surroundings and, finally, putting it all together in a movie. This is how it all went down:

On Friday, people were divided into groups with awesome names of MovieStarPlanet themes. All teams had to show their creativity by coming up with a team slogan. The joyful teams had to compete in competitions like tug-of-war, burying a team player and surviving the obstacle course. The day has concluded at a very nice tapas restaurant, where everybody was showcasing smiles on sunburnt faces.

The adventure continued on Saturday, when we’ve put together sightseeing and a challenge hunt, which gave us the chance to locate some of Barca’s most iconic sights. It all has been documented through pictures and videos for the final movie production.

In pure Mediterranean spirit, we’ve garnished all this hard (but amazingly fun) work with some siesta and an evening party at a restaurant by the sea. Everybody seemed to have brought their dancing shoes, because the fiesta didn’t end before the early hours of the morning.

Back in Copenhagen, we had a good laugh and were amazed at the final results of our efforts to become Movie Stars and Film Directors for the weekend. With a lingering note of sea salt above our heads, some unshaken grains of sand left in our shoes and great memories to share for the year to come, we can definitely say we had an awesome time together!