MovieStarPlanet featured in Edge Magazine

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Edge, one of world’s most respected gaming magazines, featured a profile of MovieStarPlanet on their website delving deeper into the world of online tween gaming. The magazine interviewed the CEO Claus Lykke Jensen and our former communications manager Helene towers covering topics ranging from online child safety and the fine balance of making money from a kids product and acting responsibly.


MovieStarPlanet edge mag


The magazine highlights that MSP is “built on robust educational foundations, and is driven by a deeply rooted concern for the online safety of its players.”

Commenting on the issue of safety and money, Claus explains: “because we’re targeting the kids market, as well as safety, we also think about spending money. We really want to be a responsible company, we don’t want to be one of those that exploits players – because we think it’s both wrong and a bad business decision in the long run. We have spending limits, so kids can only spend a certain amount within a given time frame. If we want parents to know us as a safe and responsible company, we can’t ask too much.”


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