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Center City has Class of KidsPost

Kate Kelliher’s fifth-grade class at Center City Public Charter School on Capitol Hill is November’s Class of KidsPost. The group enjoys a wide range of games, television shows and Web sites. But the 19 students would have no problem creating a menu for a class party.

Favorite author: Matt Phelan edged out Jeff Kinney (of “Wimpy Kid” fame) as the go-to author. Phelan’s books, including his recent “Bluffton,” are historical fiction graphic novels. Third place went to Beverly Cleary, who has written more than 30 kids books, including the popular “Ramona” series.

Favorite TV show: There was no clear winner in this category. Comedies “Sam & Cat” and “Liv and Maddie” each received two votes. Other choices included “Teen Wolf,” “Full House” and “The Voice.”

Favorite game: FourSquare was most popular. Other games mentioned were Uno, “Just Dance 4,” “Temple Run” and Scrabble.

How much time do you spend on the Internet? This class was split between those who went online less than two hours a week and those who used the Internet more than four hours each week.

Favorite Web site: A long list of favorites featured YouTube, WeeWorld, MovieStarPlanet, Roblox and Monkey Quest.

Do you have a cellphone? All but one student answered “yes.”

Favorite pizza topping: If these fifth-graders had to select one kind of pizza for a party, it would be pepperoni. More than half said it’s their favorite. If they could make a second choice, they would pick sausage.

Favorite ice cream flavor: For a class party that involved ice cream, cookies and cream would be the flavor of choice. For a double dip, they would go for vanilla.

What’s the biggest problem in the world? Crime was by far the biggest problem these kids identified.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Professional football player tied with teacher for the most-popular profession. Several aim to be performers: Three students want to become dancers and three want to be singers.

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