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Social Life

Although we work hard, we also like to play hard. At MovieStarPlanet we believe it is extremely important to have an active and diverse social life outside of work.

That is why you will often find us racing around a go-cart track, keeping fit with fun runs and gym sessions, being creative at GameJams and, of course, indulging in the odd beer on a Friday.

MovieStarPlanet is known to sponsor participation in local sports, GameJams and parties. We also organise annual Christmas and summer parties, which really should’t be missed.



“It’s really great getting to know your colleagues outside of the office. It is a time where everyone is on a level playing field and the only agenda is to have fun – and we certainly do that! Personally, I love our epic Go Kart races, it’s a real bragging point in the office if you win.”

Christen, Team Lead, Programming