General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the name for the European Union Data Protection Regulation with the purpose to protect personal data from EU citizen.

By May 25th 2018 the regulation will be in full effect and companies handling
Personal Identifiable Information (PII) must secure all processes for
handling, storing and deleting data.

With regards to underage kids we will need your
“Verifiable Parental Consent for PII collection”

As a parent

– you are in control and you can give your parental consent on behalf of your underage child to create a profile with MovieStarPlanet.

– you can choose the type of PII collection consent you find appropriate.

– you can decide the consent that you allow to apply for PII related to your child.

– you can control (allow/limit) your child’s consents in the “MovieStarPlanet Parents Control Center”

As a MovieStar

… you must get your parents’ consent for creating a user and to which features that apply to your age and herewith in consent for PII collection

As a business partner

… you must make a data handling agreement, that ensure that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and do not violate the user’s rights related to PII collection

Types of PII in MovieStarPlanet

Device ID
E-mail address
Advertising tracking cookies