Spilprisen 2017

On April 19th MovieStarPlanet participated to Spilprisen, The Danish Producers’ Association’s annual tribute to the best Danish digital games in a number of categories. The awards has existed since 2013.

Spilprisen is a tribute to the best, most creative and innovative Danish games, it is the industry’s own award. It is awarded by the peers on professional merits.Spilprisen is a recognition that games are a creative and playful form of culture.

This year our Lead Programmer, Dagbjört Jónsdóttir, gave inspiring speech to the game developers and handed out an award in the evening event. MovieStarPlanet also sponsored the event with refreshments in the evening gathering.

We want to thank the event organizers and we are already looking forward to the Spilprisen 2018!

See more here: www.sprilprisen.dk