MovieStarPlanet @ GDC17

When it comes to connecting with game developers, there is no better place than The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Last year we were quite lucky and managed to get Intel’s attention to help us optimize RoboBlastPlanet with Intel GPA.

This year the focus of the conference was on strengthening our relationships with key technology partners, such as Adobe, Google and JetBrains and managed to book meetings with all of them.


During the week our Lead Programmer, Dagbjort Jonsdottir, and our Principal Programmer, Javier Abud Chavez, had the opportunity to meet many established developers and get hands on training into Advanced Agile Game Development Practices.

“The games industry is a place with a plethora of challenges and just as many different solutions. Getting insight into how other game developers approach these challenges can reveal unrelated solutions.By attending the conference and the talks we are able to bring back new ideas to our studio and share that knowledge with everyone.” Javier summed after returning to Copenhagen.