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This year’s Google App Summit in in Dublin, had numerous of sessions relevant for game developers. Chief Marketing Officer, Jan Møller attended to the summit and brought back most interesting news on the Apps and VR future.


If you thought that VR and AR was a one hit wonder you were wrong. The new initiative from Google on DayDream and Tango prepared phones adds a totally new dimension to the field of an instant scanning of the surrounding, reskin the real world in VR or AR. It gives unlimited possibilities to bring virtual world to the real world. Sky is not the limit any longer, when future games are developed using these technologies.

According to Google the future of search engines is speech and customization. In the future your search engine is your Ultimate Personal Assistant. Already now search by speech in general is growing, error margins are low and better better engines decoding natural sentences are developing. When working with kids in their pre-reading and pre-writing phase, this will bring using the search functions further down in age and will open up new options for social game developers.

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