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MovieStarPlanet offers a range of unique advertising solutions for brands. With an average of 8,5 million tweens logging onto MovieStarPlanet each month around the world, there is no better place to connect with your target audience.


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MovieStarPlanet offers advertisers the choice of both top and skyscraper banners in our arcade section of the website. Advertising campaigns can be either country specific or global and can be tailored to your needs. With hundreds of thousands of tweens entering the arcade to play games on a daily basis, this is a great option to give your company exposure.

Technical specifications


MovieStarPlanet is all about making movies, it is our core creative feature in the game. So what better way to advertise than with a pre-roll!

Technical specifications


MovieStarPlanet can deliver customised integrated marketing campaigns. For example, as with our clothing range developed by Fipotex, with every in-store purchase, customers can go online and give their avatar an exact copy of the real life item. This type of integrated cross-marketing is a first of its kind and a fantastic way to increase both the exposure of your brand as well as its popularity.


This is our most visible and one of our most effective forms of advertising. The StarCoin campaign takes up the whole screen, making an impact and really capturing the users attention. Players are given an additional incentive of StarCoins (the in-game currency) when they click on the add to check out the campaign further.