At eyelevel with our users

Written by Pernille Lundgreen, Communication Manager, Symbion.

MovieStarPlanet: At eyelevel with our users

MovieStarPlanet was started in 2008 and today the platform is used by more than 10 million active user profiles per month and provides a double digit million profit. Their head office is at The Orbit, a part of Symbion, and we have asked CEO, Claus Lykke Jensen, some questions related to the startup of an entrepreneurial company.

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How did the idea to MovieStarPlanet start?
The idea started in 2008 based on a desire to develop learning games to children in the age 8-13 years with the purpose to increase their English skills. The idea was that children should be able to develop animated film in English; record lines in English and share the films with their friends afterwards. Slowly the focus shifted from learning to games and entertainment, after which the user reach and the revenue increased.
What is according to you the main reason that MovieStarPlanet has become such a success?
The success is quite clear our user focus and our constant ability to innovate and to deliver new features and content to the game. Each week we release a new theme and each month we release a number of new features which means that the universe of MovieStarPlanet frequently is renewed. Furthermore we ensure that we are at eye level with our users, the children between 8-13 years, and we often get visits from school-classes which we interviews in focus groups so that we are constantly aware what they think is working and where they think we can improve.

What makes your concept unique?
MovieStarPlanet provides, together with BonniePlanet and RoboBlastPlanet, the largest social network for children in the age of 8-13 years by offering digital entertainment, creativity, interaction and safety connected in one big social network. The children can play all three games and interact with their friends across the games. Thus, when one child plays RoboBlastPlanet he or she can chat with a friend playing MovieStarPlanet.
Your system is based on user participation. How did you reach the number of users necessary for the platform to function?
First of all our main focus has continually been to deliver a good product the kids would play. Furthermore perseverance, marketing and mouth-to-mouth has been a part in creating our user database with 10 million active user profiles per month in more than 16 countries.
What does the future offer? Have you got any side projects going on which you would like to share?
Our main focus is to be available where our users are. That means we have to be both at web, tablet, Smartphone etc. etc. We are also working getting our youngest games, BonniePlanet and RoboBlastPlanet to play a bigger part in our social network.

Can you give a good advice to startup companies?
My advice is to keep believe in the idea – even though it sometimes seems unmanageable. Most often it takes a lot longer than you think to start up a new company and therefore you have to keep fighting until it succeeds. Believe in it and work hard to make it succeeds.

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RoboBlastPlanet & Flash Online Conference

We are extremely proud that our company is filled with enthusiastic and talented people. On Friday, April 1st, our principal programmer Javier Abud & game developer Ramiro Bazan from team RoboBlastPlanet presented some of the technical feats that they’ve been able to achieve so far at the Flash Online Conference #13.

The Flash Online Conference showcases the latest technology, frameworks and roadmap for the Adobe AIR and its Stage3D abstraction of OpenGL/DirectX. The conference is organized by Sergey Gonchar and is hosted online so that anyone interested can take part to it. You can hear the presentation here, starting from 2:33. 

The RoboBlastPlanet team presented a number of technical details such as how profiling is used to improve performance, the hot reloading of assets for improved efficiency and some memory saving techniques that the have been used to significantly reduce the memory footprint of the game. See the slides from the presentation below!


Easter fun at the office

MovieStarPlanet enjoys office parties and having fun together. These workplace gatherings are important for many reasons. They bring us movie stars from all the different teams together, allow us to socialize with one another more informally, and help build and strengthen relationships. Additionally they enhance the culture of our workplace, making it fun and enjoyable.

Normally we gather together on Friday afternoons, but on special occasions, like Easter, also out families join the fun. See pictures from out latest party below! Hope you all had a nice Easter! 🙂






Halloween at MovieStarPlanet

Ghosts and goblins, Spooks galore, Scary Witches at your door. Jack-O-Lanterns Smiling Bright, MovieStarPlanet wishes you a Happy Haunting Night!

Here at MovieStarPlanet we love Halloween. That shows both online and offline.  We got into the Halloween spirit through our weekly theme and Halloween event, which made sure that our fans had plenty of Halloween fun on the site.

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Bronze medal in The Lovie Awards!

The past year MovieStarPlanet has made great efforts to create engaging integrated advertising campaigns on our platforms.

We are very proud to announce that one of those integrated advertising campaigns, Bella and the Bulldogs VS MovieStarPlanet, won bronze medal in The Lovie Awards! We want to thank our fantastic partners in UK for making this great campaign with us!





We are extremely happy and proud to announce that we exceeded 250 million users on MovieStarPlanet!
It’s an unbelievable number and an achievement only made possible through great efforts from the amazing MovieStarPlanet-team every single day.

Most importantly the biggest thank you goes to our awesome users.

This calls for a celebration!


MSP participated at European Expert Conference on Media Education and Child Protection

The Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet, Vernon Jones, participated with over 240 other experts, researchers and stakeholders to a meeting in Berlin to develop a roadmap for children growing up with media.

“Net Children 2020 – Growing up with Media” European Expert conference, hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), and the Hans Bredow Institute, brought together experts to plan a roadmap for media education and the protection of children and youths, and current needs for action and potential solutions. Jones was asked to facilitate the input from industry delegates on the topic “How can Social, Political and Regulatory Frameworks Contribute to Media Education and Youth Protection?”

“The conference gave experts a great opportunity to look forward to 2020 and give input on what can be achieved to further improving safeguarding issues and access to positive content for children”, Jones explained after returning from Germany.

For MovieStarPlanet, safety has the highest priority and we are always looking at ways to further improve our child safeguarding standards. This is why we send our support and safety team members to attend to these conferences. It allows us to gain knowledge on latest trends and network with other experts in the field of online child safeguarding. 
Read more about Vernon and our safety mechanisms from here.


We’re thrilled to welcome our new Chief Marketing Officer Jan Møller

MovieStarPlanet has named Jan Møller as its new Chief Marketing Officer, reporting to founder and CEO Claus Lykke Jensen.

“We are very excited having Jan on board. As we move into the next phase of our growth, it is crucial for MovieStarPlanet to have leadership with deep expertise in digital marketing and sales. With Jan’s strong background in the industry, he will help us grow in those fields” said Jensen.

With expertise in eCommerce, kids advertising and media agencies, Møller will oversee MovieStarPlanet’s global marketing and communications.
“I’m thrilled to join MovieStarPlanet, a company that is unique, innovative and growing. Based on my career path it was premeditated for me to join MovieStarPlanet – the most fun place to work in Copenhagen” said Møller.

Møller recently served as Head of Marketing managing a high performance eCom marketing team, driving development and implementation of consistent shop identities, strong communication platforms and competitive market positions, as well as turnaround towards a profitable webshop.

Prior to that, he has served as Head of Sales and Marketing in the most successful online supermarket in Denmark. In addition he has been building and running his own businesses within the field of media, marketing, and advertising for games, toys and movies to kids.

He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Management Science from Copenhagen Business School.

“My entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the precision of a mathematician I’m driven by innovative solutions that make a difference through different creative approaches” Møller explained.

The whole MovieStarPlanet team gives Jan the warmest welcome and looks forward working with him.


Let’s create a better internet together

MovieStarPlanet Celebrates Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day (SID) is held on the 2nd Tuesday in February each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

The theme for this year is ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. It focuses on how we all – children, young people, parents and guardians, teachers, industry, politicians and decision makers alike – can help create a better internet. The event, which started as an EU initiative, is now celebrated in more than 100 countries.

In championing a better internet, we want to encourage young people to embrace technology and we want to make the most of their online experience, while giving them the resilience, skills, knowledge and support they need to navigate any online risks they may come across.

Raising awareness is also our responsibility

For the 3rd year running MovieStarPlanet helped celebrate the SID by having a special theme in game. This included specially designed in game T-shirts and other SID items that proved to be very popular with our users.

As a member of the working group set up by the Danish Safer Internet Center, MovieStarPlanet attended a workshop for parents at the Danish Film Institute to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2015.

We will also be attending the EU Safer Internet Forum in October 2015 to show our commitment to these EU Commission events that a re aimed at creating a better internet for children and young people.

Read more about Safer Internet Day from here.


MovieStarPlanet goes to Barcelona – this year’s company adventure


We are from the North and don’t mind the occasional dark and cold days, as long as we can also bask in the sun every now and again. Hey, even Vikings need their Vitamin D, right? This is the story of this year’s company trip which has taken us to the warm beaches and blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Because our team has put a great deal of effort into making MovieStarPlanet the best social network for kids and tweens, it has been decided that Barcelona would be the best place for us to recharge our solar dependent batteries this year. As a very welcomed reward, our company trip this year has taken us on a Spanish adventure where we had loads of fun – the kind that all Movie Stars should have!

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