FROM WEB TO MOBILE: Initiating a powerhouse mobile strategy with TUNE

Our mobile tracking and ASO partner Tune have made a case for our partnership with them.

The case is about the challenges we faced that their system helped us solve both in terms of ASO and tracking of mobile campaigns. With Tune we now effectively track and monitor our mobile activities and it has also helped us to construct the mobile marketing funnel and establish the KPIs needed to measure marketing effectiveness. Read the whole case from here.

MSP spot

MovieStarPlanet ranks high in most-seen gaming industry brands list

GamesBeat partnered with iSpot.tv, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from 10 million smart TV screens, to put together  a monthly report on the TV ad impressions generated by the gaming industry’s biggest campaigns in US.

MovieStarPlanet came in fourth on the ranks with 75.6 million impressions. Our three ads aired over 700 times from July 16 through August 15 most-seen spot was “Creative,” which ran up 31.2 million impressions. The top networks included Cartoon Network, Nick and Disney XD, while top shows included Teen Titans GO!SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Loud House.


Takeaways from Tune POSTBACK

Our CCO Jan Møller just returned from TUNE POSTBACK conference, that was held in Seattle. Not surprisingly one of the main takeaways from the conference is “Ad growth = Driven by mobile” – A quote by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

After two days with the sharpest minds within the marketing industry it became very clear to everyone at the conference that mobile truly is the future driver for the ad revenue growth.


Given the current state of the market, another big theme of the conference was the “F-word for Fraud”.  The biggest issues seen are the uncertainty whether advertisers are getting the impressions, clicks and audience contracted and the fact that lack of industry’s transparency leaves room for fraud. As for web in its early days, mobile is a bit wild west hence need to establish clear standards and transparency.

Apple Vice President Todd Teresi stated in a panel discussion that Apple has clear intention to increase transparency in mobile advertising business, as they’re continuing to develop the App Store Search Ads. We hope that the industry follows their example.


Summer competition 2017

Calling out around the world – Are you ready for a brand-new beat?

On MovieStarPlanet we arrange amazing competitions throughout the year, but nothing beats (Pun intended) the yearly summer contest.

Last year our users around the world sent us postcards and/or drawings as a summer greeting. We used these to decorate our meeting rooms and puts any other wallpaper to shame!

This year we have created a dance competition!

What it entails is that our users watch a video with everyone’s favorite character, Pixi Star, does specific moves that can be found in the game. These moves have been compiled into a dance by our super talented animator, Max. Our users will have to mimic, record and send it in!

Be ready for MovieStarPlanet to decorate the internet with this awesome new dance!

The winners of the competition get the most sought-after prize, VIP membership!

At the end of the competition we will announce a grand winner. The champion of all champions.

Try the dance yourself  It’s super fun!


Beach Sale 2017

Welcome to the Beach Sale 2017!
Sand, sun and sassiness! MovieStarPlanet is having a Beach sale to celebrate the love of ocean, sand and sunshine!
Non-VIP users can purchase STAR VIP for the same price of normal VIP! How awesome is that?
Take a break from building sand castles and check out MovieStarPlanet.com!
The sale is going on right now! You don’t want to miss this!


Tune Postback 2017

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Jan Møller is joining the Tune Postback Conference in Seattle on July 20th and 21st. Postback is an annual mobile event, where 1000 of the world’s top marketers get together to connect with other marketing insiders, and to share ideas and insights.

“The conference has a great timing in relation to the full rollout of our mobile strategy, and I hope to exchange views with the top level mobile user acquisition experts”, Jan says before the trip to Washington.

Postback speakers include Kellyn Kenny, Vice President of Marketing at Uber, Todd Teresi, Vice President at Apple and Ashley Yuki, Product Manager at Instagram. “I have great expectations for input and insights from the keynote speakers list”, Jan says.

We wish great trip to Jan! Can’t wait to hear the input from the conference!

Read more about the Tune Postback from here: http://postback.tune.com/


Stand Up Against Bullying Day

On 21 June 2017, MovieStarPlanet joins an online event “Stand Up Against Bullying Day” together with our British online community.

The Stand Up To Bullying Campaign is organised by The Diana Award, a legacy charity to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.


The campaign focuses on raising public awareness about bullying and its long-term effect, creating understanding about our collective role in tackling bullying, and empowering the public with the tools to stand up to bullying; wherever they are.

More info about the campaign and The Diana Award can be found here.


MovieStarPlanet participates actively in creating safer internet for kids

Our Head of Safety Vernon Jones participated in an EU meeting  in Zagreb that brought together members of the  EU POSCON (Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe ) project with the EU INSAFE group. INSAFE  is the Network of Safer Internet Centers across Europe that facilitates a better internet for kids strategy for the EU.

The INSAFE network will be taking forward the work undertaken by POSCON project where a checklist for producing positive content for children will be part of a campaign to be launched at the EU Safer Internet Forum in Brussels in November.

‘MovieStarPlanet is proud to be part of the POSCON project and supports the continuing evolution of the work undertaken in 2012 -2014 by the INSAFE network. MovieStarPlanet will support the new campaign to raise awareness to help content providers produce positive content for children’ Vernon summed after the meeting.

More information about the projects here:



Daniel Sperl to share insights with MovieStarPlanet’s developers

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the knowledge base of our developers, we’ve invited Daniel Sperl, the author of Starling, to come visit us on June 19th. We will be showing off some of the techniques we use together with his framework to deliver the best experiences we can in our games!

The Starling framework is the backbone of the majority of Adobe AIR based games as well as many other frameworks and libraries, such as DragonBones, GAF and Feathers. A list of samples can be further seen on Starling’s showcase page. MovieStarPlanet, BooniePlanet and BlockStarPlanet all use Starling to deliver enjoyable experiences to our users, and it is no secret that we are thrilled to have Daniel visit us!

gamua logogamua logo 2

The man behind the framework

Daniel Sperl created about a dozen casual games in C# and ActionScript before trying his luck in the App Store gold rush from a few years ago. Unsatisfied with the existing 2D frameworks at the time, he created the Sparrow Framework for iOS, mimicking the tried and tested Flash API in Objective-C.

Ironically, Adobe was looking for exactly such a framework for Flash when they introduced Stage3D in 2011, and so the Starling Framework was born. In 2012, he founded the company Gamua in order to work full-time on his frameworks.

When he is not developing Starling or giving support in the forum, Daniel loves to play the latest Zelda and Super Mario titles with his wife Petra or ride his bike along the countryside of Austria. Additionally, he loves birds — just like his cat, Seven of Nine.



MovieStarPlanet @ GDC17

When it comes to connecting with game developers, there is no better place than The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Last year we were quite lucky and managed to get Intel’s attention to help us optimize RoboBlastPlanet with Intel GPA.

This year the focus of the conference was on strengthening our relationships with key technology partners, such as Adobe, Google and JetBrains and managed to book meetings with all of them.


During the week our Lead Programmer, Dagbjort Jonsdottir, and our Principal Programmer, Javier Abud Chavez, had the opportunity to meet many established developers and get hands on training into Advanced Agile Game Development Practices.

“The games industry is a place with a plethora of challenges and just as many different solutions. Getting insight into how other game developers approach these challenges can reveal unrelated solutions.By attending the conference and the talks we are able to bring back new ideas to our studio and share that knowledge with everyone.” Javier summed after returning to Copenhagen.