MSP TV Advertising

MovieStarPlanet advertises on TV all over the world. Check out our commercials.



MovieStarPlanet – Be who you want to be



Although MovieStarPlanet is a game based on animation – it’s about so much more than that. At the core of MovieStarPlanet is the ability to communicate and interact with friends and being able to express your true self and “Be who you want to be“. So for the first time and debuting in the Nordics from October 2013, MovieStarPlanet produced a commercial with real actors who transform into their movie star personas.



MovieStarPlanet – Design Studio


For the first time ever, MovieStarPlanet produced a TV commercial with the sole focus on highlighting one key game feature. This commercial showcases the Design Studio feature on which enables players to design and ‘sell’ their own clothing designs. This is just another great creative feature of MovieStarPlanet.



MovieStarPlanet – Be Creative!


One of the core features of MovieStarPlanet is the ability to be creative and then share this creativity with friends. In MovieStarPlanet, players can make their own movies, music videos, ArtBooks, Looks and even design their own clothes. Self expression through creativity is very important and we believe MovieStarPlanet offers the perfect platform for tweens to let their imaginations run wild.



MovieStarPlanet – Be Social!


In today’s day and age being social has taken on a whole new meaning. Kids, just like adults want to talk to their friends and share content online and MovieStarPlanet allows them to do so in a fun and safe environment. Players can talk to each other in chat rooms, send messages, post on the forum and collaborate on creative content all in the super fun environment of MovieStarPlanet.



MovieStarPlanet – Be Rich and Famous!


Let’s face it, most of us want to be either rich or famous, or both and on MovieStarPlanet, tweens can become a virtual movie star and be famous throughout the MovieStarPlanet universe. Fame and fortune doesn’t come easy though, you do have to work for it by staring in movies, signing autographs, making Looks and ArtBooks and being appreciative of your fellow movie star’s content.